• actaERP


    actaERP is an ERP based on the Odoo framework, the reference in terms of OpenERP solutions, which is distributed worldwide. This fully web-based solution integrates all the functions across an organisation into a single, coherent and consistent information system. It is specially designed for farm groups comprising one or more purchasing offices, packaging plants and sales offices.

    Our integrated solution combines mobility and security. It can be accessed by all companies within a group anywhere in the world from any terminal connected to the Internet (PC, tablet, smartphone...) with the highest level of security to protect your data.

    The greatest strength of actaERP is the scalability and adaptability of its modular architecture. You can start with the basic features and add functionality as your needs change. Its high degree of user-friendliness and ergonomics also makes it quick to master by our clients’ personnel.

  • actanotary

    notary in the cloud

    actanotary A rich ERP based on the knowledge of notarial professionals like you, combined with the knowledge of experts in information systems. The result is a solution specialized in notary management.

    This software package enables you to automate and optimize the processes of your notarial practice from the opening of a new record(set of documents and contracts) to its closing, y defining the parties, assets and the follow-up of the collection / payment.

    Getting access to the right combination of essential and intuitive features means you will have more time to focus on your passion and develop even stronger relationships with your customers.

    The processing of receipt / payment of fees or those relating to the price as well as the receipt of the fees are treated natively in the solution.

    Integrated analysis tools allow you to produce statistics, graphs and dashboards on demand.

  • actaschool

    School in the cloud

    actaschool A 100% Cloud ERP to manage all the activity of, your school, both user-friendly and secured ensuring confidentiality and data integrity through the implementation of good security practices such as the SSL protocol adopted by leaders of IT industry, to tel le protocole SSL adopté par les leaders du secteur IT, pour adopted by leaders of IT industry, to encrypt all your communications on the internet.

    This process automation solution eliminates repetitive data entry, minimizes paper consumption, helps institutions work smarter, and focuses on what they do best - spreading education!

    The various modules available in actaschool facilitate the processes of your school's activity. Starting with the inscription of new students, up to the generation of transcripts , timelines, and manage transportation and residences.

    The great strength of actaschool lies in its scalability and adaptability with its modular architecture. It starts with basic functionality and grows as your needs change.


  • Dematerialization and process optimization

    e-acta allows you to achieve gains in performance and efficiency through a comprehensive offer to ensure optimization of your processes. We have drawn on the combined experience of more than 30 years of our main founders to develop actaERP, a solution that incorporates all agricultural sector-related features.

    You will therefore enjoy:

    • the optimization of your business processes;
    • coherence and consistency of your information
    • Integrity and uniqueness of your information system
    • a common information system to facilitate internal communication and mobility
    • an aid to improve productivity;
    • centralized control of your business;
    • support for timely decision-making.

    We also offer business process dematerialization services.



    We develop solutions tailored to our customers’ operations and provide technical support as well as develop new features.

    e-acta delivers a single point of support throughout the entire resolution process. We give you the advantage of a single point of contact for the whole service with intervention restoration time to ensure optimum availability and continuity. time slots tailored to our customers’ needs right up to ongoing, 24/7 support. You will also enjoy a quick response and restoration time to ensure optimum availability and continuity.

  • Continuous improvement

    Our research and development centre actaR&D applies best practices based on the Project Management Institute’s methodology to provide our clients with innovative solutions.

    You will therefore enjoy:

    • a team of experienced engineers and project managers with the skills required to support your projects.
    • A Quality Management System (QMS) in line with international standards.

    We closely monitor technological developments and carry out a policy of continuous innovation to provide you with the latest developments in terms of dematerialization, process optimization and information systems integration.


  • Creating customer value

    Each of our clients is unique and the success of your information system project is our greatest satisfaction. As a service provider and integrator of the open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Odoo, we are committed to meeting your requirements in terms of content, cost, deadlines, customer satisfaction, risks, resources and quality.



    • Administrative management
    • Monthly payroll processing
    • Transfer order generation
    • Leave management
    • Holiday management
    • Badge management
    • Payroll configuration
    • Monthly payroll processing
    • Generation of the 9421 year-end status
    • Automatic fortnight generation
    • Automatic payroll generation
    • Automatic envelope generation
    • Automatic loading of employee attendance
    • VAT management according to the incomings system + electronic filing
    • Time clocks and daily time registration management
    • Automatic generation of payroll accounting entries
    • Report output (CNSS, AMO, income tax, payroll journal , payroll book, Moroccan Inter-professional Retirement Fund [CIMR]…)
    • Automatic management of staff movements between production units (farms, construction sites...)


    • Financial accounting
    • Cash management
    • Fixed-asset management
    • Cost and budget accounting
    • Bank reconciliations
    • VAT management according to the incomings system + electronic filing
    • Tax report generation + electronic filing
  • Production

    • Agricultural campaign management
    • Fertigation programme management
    • Management of the weekly and monthly harvest estimates
    • Crop, variety and product (fertilizers , phyto…) management
    • Management of the distribution of tools to workers
    • Management of farm components (blocks , greenhouses, open fields…)
    • Management of planting periods (soil preparation, planting and harvesting)
    • Management of interventions (operations , human resources, machinery, products)


    • Management of incoming batches
    • Production line management
    • Packaging of pallets + weight
    • Warehousing
    • Traceability and tag generation
    • Pallet grouping of packages
    • Management of the integration of batches into the production chain
    • Management of the input/output of operators into the chain

    • Monitoring of processing
    • Packaging control
    • Pre-harvest control
    • Shipment control
    • Packaging control
    • Chlorine level control
    • Management and monitoring of cleaning
    • Management of unscheduled processing
    • Sample management and reconciliation
    • Quality requirements management (DAR, Dose...)
    • Monitoring of the implementation of the fertigation programme
    • Monitoring of compliance with the GlobalGap certification standards for farms
  • Export

    • Management of EACCE quotas
    • Management of the interaction with Customs
    • Shipping forecast planning
    • Management of the interaction with Bank Almaghrib
    • Management of the interaction with suppliers
    • Management of temporary admission records
    • Management of the interaction with the Exchange Office
    • Planning of pallet assignment to trucks
    • Sales and warehouse invoicing

    • Price management
    • Repository of articles
    • Repository of suppliers
    • Purchase request management
    • Commandes et factures d’achat
    • Supplier evaluation
  • stocks

    • Warehouse and location management
    • Goods receipt and delivery management
    • Management of internal goods movements
    • Inventory management
    • Supply management
    • Real-time stock assessment

    • Workers’ transport
    • Transport of crops
    • Transport of goods
    • Transport of packaging
    • Transport of cleaning machinery
    • Vehicle and equipment management

Client Base

    e-acta is trusted by a diversified client base across various sectors in Morocco, France and Africa. We offer a custom solution for the agricultural sector.

    actaERP is easy to implement and allows you to manage all your activities with a single package.

Prospective clients

  • Domaine DB : An agricultural company with over 4000 employees (a dozen farms) in Agadir, Morocco. ”

    Domaine DB

  • Portes du Sahara : An agricultural company with over emploie plus de 500 employees across production sites (farms) in Guelmim, Morocco. ”

    Portes du Sahara

  • Fresh Express : Company specialised in the packing, packaging and export of fruit and vegetables located in Agadir region of Morocco with a workforce of over 500 employees. ”

    Fresh Express